Welcome to Fringe Engineering

Inspired by the concept of fringe science:

Fringe science refers to ideas whose attributes include being highly speculative or relying on premises already refuted.

~ ‘Fringe Science’ on Wikipedia

Hi, I’m Chris! Fringe Engineering is my way of understanding the future of software engineering — less the tools and technologies, and more what it means to be a human that tries to get a computer to do what they want.

I’ve written code for more than half of my life, but being a ‘software engineer’ feels more alien than ever, and I still have so much to learn.

In a series of semi-regular newsletters I’ll be exploring what it means to be a software engineer, through different lenses:

  • Being a climate-aware engineer

  • How we create and contribute to culture

  • Disruptive technologies and how they’ll reshape the established norms

  • How to learn in an unpredictable landscape

  • Our failure to collaborate and be empathetic

  • …and lots more!

If you write code, build software, lead teams or run a business, I hope you’ll learn something with me – please subscribe and share your thoughts.

See you soon!

— Chris

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Exploring the changing nature of software development and what makes a modern engineer. Topics include climate, AI, empathy and culture


Isn't sure if he's a software engineer any more, but is exploring that in Fringe Engineering. he/him